How to Unsubscribe to a Software Service in AWS Marketplace

When I was trying to learn about OpenVPN on AWS, I subscribed to OpenVPN Access Server (50 Connected Devices) on AWS Marketplace. My learning became expensive since I would have to pay $0.3/hour of OpenVPN AMI Usage on top of the EC2 Instance pricing that I needed to pay.

I actually left the OpenVPN Instance running for around 3 days and I definitely paid the price.

Since then I learned that there is actually an OpenVPN subscription that is covered by Free Tier. Now I need to stop subscription on OpenVPN Access Server (50 Connected Devices) in AWS Marketplace.

Steps to Cancel Subscription on AWS Marketplace

Go to AWS Marketplace Homepage –

Sign in if you have not signed in yet to your AWS Account.

On the upper right corner you will see your AWS Account Name. Hover your mouse there and click on Your Marketplace Software.

You will then see the list of Your Software Subscription.

On the Software Subscription that you want to stop, click on CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION.

A new window will show asking if you are sure that you want to cancel your Subscription. If you are sure click on YES, CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION.

You will then go back to the Your Marketplace Software page. Now with a little green box on top that says that you have sucessfully cancelled your subscription.

That is the story on how I managed to learn OpenVPN while reducing my costs.

I hope this post helped you. If you have any corrections, suggestions or anything related to the topic let me know on the comments below. I am always happy to learn something from your comments.

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